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Tips For Buying Fashion Online

Online shopping is very convenient, but there are times when it can also be super challenging. There’s so much out there, and you have to search through all the great offerings to find what you are really looking for and what provides the best value. By having a strategy when you are online shopping, you can get more done and find better deals that are super stylish. Here are my best tips for finding amazing fashion online.

Use sites that stock designer goods at a discount.

There are tons of online outlets and flash sale sites where you can get amazing designer and high-end brands at a discount. For example, Hautelook and other flash sale sites stock designer brands on huge sales for a short period of time, so if you can find them, you get amazing deals. There are also places like Overstock and Amazon, which both have a huge range of high end brands that are often on sale. For example, you can easily find everything from designer dresses to Birkenstock sandals on these websites. When shopping with these sites, however, it is important to make sure that you are getting the real product and not a knockoff.

Check out indie brands that your favorite bloggers or Instagram users are wearing.

Sometimes, the best pieces come not from the latest big designer, but from an independent creative artist that’s just getting their business started. However, these products can sometimes be difficult to find. Look to online style gurus like bloggers or Instagrammers to point you in the right direction. New brands will often send clothing to them to promote, and then when the blogger wears it, you’ll have a direct link to it to check out right away.

Get better prices by clearing out your cookies.

If you’ve had your eye on an item, you might notice that the price goes up when you go to check it out a second or third time. This is called dynamic pricing. To beat it and get good prices for big items, clear your cookies and history before shopping, log out of any accounts and shop anonymously, and use incognito mode. This helps prevent sites from knowing that you’re interested in an item and raising the price.

Join free rewards programs and sign up for email coupons.

Many companies offer free rewards programs, which means that as you shop with them continuously, you’ll earn points towards discounts on future purchases. Since it doesn’t cost you anything, you should definitely sign up if you think you’ll come back to a store. You should also consider signing up for a brand’s email list if you are very interested in them. Although the emails can be annoying, they can also land you some awesome exclusive coupons. You can always set up a separate account for these emails if you don’t want to be bothered by them on a regular basis.

Check out thrift apps.

There are tons of apps now, such as DePop and Poshmark, that let users sell their clothes for a discounted price. You can often find some really amazing deals on these apps, and the pieces are usually very unique as well. If you love thrifting in the real world, this is a great way to do it online as well.


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